Creative Strategies: THE POWER OF THE CLOUD!


A while ago, a link regarding a cloud rendering was posted on the animation Belfast page which intrigued me, the rendering stage of the animation short pipeline is quite a lengthy and time consuming process, so the idea of submitting our animations to be rendered out, delivered in a high quality and in a quick time was really appealing.

The service is provided by Google and is called Zync. Link provided below

“Two things will always remain the same in visual effects and design: project schedules will fluctuate, and the effort to get to final will continue to be impossible to predict accurately. ZYNC was developed as a mission critical in-house tool to address these very issues. Our users require flexible solutions that allow them greater creative freedom, while decreasing long term overhead and startup costs.”

“This is where ZYNC was born and where we live. At the edge of change, bringing unmatched burst capacities to existing facilities and enabling new ways for smaller creative teams to excel. Allowing both groups to deliver higher quality work than they could before while enabling them to build their future organically.”

So as said above, its a service that has been used to great extent by industry but also enables smaller creative teams to render their work quickly, simply and in a high quality and you get 60 hours worth of rendering for signing up which is great!

However it only uses the following renders: NUKE, SOLID ANGLE and V.RAY, and all my previous rendering experience involved mental ray, which may to something to consider when deciding whether or not to use this service, but it seems really promising and I wouldn’t mind looking into other renderers anyway for future projects and to just extend my own knowledge in general.


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