Creative Strategies: Research-The influences of others

Last semester, during our 15 second short assignment, the animation that really stood out to me was an animation called ‘PANTS,’ created by our courses own Dylan Cooper, Katie McQuilan, Natasha Walsh and Amiee K’P.

The reason I like it so much, other than it’s awesome narrative, is that it’s:

  • Cute
  • Simple
  • Incredibly Appealing

To be more specific I really love how it all fits together visually, when looking at it, the design is really intelligent.

The jungle consists of a simple green, with a pond, a tree and some bushes uniquely placed around the scene to convey distance and perspective. They modelled only what they needed to tell the story which is something I feel like my last team and I messed up on. Our scenes consisted of assets that wouldn’t even have been seen during most of the short, taking up time in both scene creation and render time.

I also find the character design in the ‘PANTS’ short be be brilliant.

-Keeping it simple with simple shapes-

Toby the tiger looks like a Maya pre-set cube with bevelled edges and Freddy the frog looks like a sphere that has been cut and extruded and it works so well in my opinion! 

Definitely the direction I’d love to take our  characters for our short.

Looking into the work of others outside the course, we found this really nice short called ‘Shave it’

A short by 3dar Studios: Faced paced, an animation that was made to be enjoyed rather than to be understood.

We really liked the colour scheme and style of this short, its use of bright, bold and vivid colours really caught our attention. A particular shot at 00:39 seconds into the animation really stood out us; shot shown below.


We just though the angle was interesting in how it made the characters head come to the forefront and body almost diminish in scale, emphasising it facing expressions to the viewer.

Another short we came across was ‘Computer Glitch’ by BLUE ZOO

“An experimental animation made collaboratively by 30 Blue Zoo artists, but without seeing what each other has done.”

We liked this for its animation and narrative, the animation is quirky and flows well from shot to shot and its narrative is simple.

The next short by Blue Zoo had us on our backs from laughter, a short titled: DADDY CHRISTMAS

“A festive mixed-media animation using CG characters combined live-action environments and liquid effects, written & directed by Rory Cooke & Daniel Cripps”

This short ticked all the boxes for the team, it’s narrative is funny but takes us somewhere we weren’t originally  intending to go, (shock value) and the characters and style are very cute and appealing.

I found this really nice breakdown article on the creation of ‘Daddy Christmas.’ It takes you through from start to finish the processes that were involved in the making of the short, from simple character designs, modelling shots, storyboards to sound design. A really nice read.

I thought these were really nice finds for the team and for us to gain a little bit of influence off with regards to narrative. Overall I get the impression that we’re going for a narrative based around humour but we’ll see how things develop over the course of the assignment.


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