Creative Strategies

Again, looking into the work of others, I love the idea of our short having a humour based narrative and whilst looking up shorts or animations with a similar narrative I came across these, made me laugh.

Blowing Chunks (Minecraft Animation)
The Cyanide & Happiness Show – S01E01 – A Day At The Beach

They may seem really random at a glance, but I’ll explain why I thought it is relevant to post these. With regards to a narrative based around humour, I love the idea of making a animation where the joke isn’t something the audience would initially expect.

So, for example in the minecraft short ‘Blowing Chunks’ one character asks for sticks, and instead of simply handing him sticks the second character throws our expectations and projectile vomits them everywhere for a prolonged amount of time, causing the secondary character to freak out which adds to the humour.

In the Cyanide & Happiness Show, the joke of the humans and insects existing in reverse roles,again, threw my expectations but still made the situation relate able and funny.

So the idea of building the audience up to to expect something and then at the last second making a joke that they had no idea was coming seems like a really nice way to deliver a gag, which is something I’d love us to incorporate into our final animation.


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