Creative Strategies: Personal research

When researching with the idea of simplicity in mind and looking for influences in style I remembered taking part in a workshop with a studio Cartoon Saloon based in Kilkenny.

As a studio they’re known for their work on:

  • Skunk Fu (animated series)
  • The Secret of the Kells (Feature film)
  • Song Of the Sea (Feature film)
  • Somewhere down the line (short film)

But the workshop I was involved in promoted their new animated children’s series called PUFFIN ROCK

“Set on an island off the coast of Ireland inhabited by puffins, Puffins Rock is a playful animated natural history series for pre-schoolers and their parents. Puffins Rock follows the lives of one family of puffins and in particular the adventures of Oona, a young puffin exploring the world around her in the ways that any young animal would.”

What I love about the series is it’s style, simple looking characters,playful and harmless narrative. It looks like a moving children’s book which I find very appealing, almost hand drawn or painted in style.

Kinda becoming a simplicity nut with this project so earlier when I was commenting on the character design of ‘PANTS’ a mention that the character seem to be made of simple shapes and they look awesome, so doing a little research into the character designs of Puffin Rock, I came across these,

These are some designs for the baby bird character called Baba, the thing I love about the design of this character is that, (can you guess? That’s right!) IT’S SIMPLE! Its a sphere with eyes, but still incredibly appealing.


some more character designs from Puffin rock.

I think this would be a really nice direction to take the design of our characters.

(Just a bit of research that interests me personally, below is a video going though how the characters are animated in Anime Studio Pro by cartoon Saloon, i didn’t know the charaters were animated with 2D rigs, something I wouldn’t mind looking into in the future.)


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