Creative Strategies: Recording Of Ideas


Idea One:

The Techno Spider

Original basis of the idea:

It’s that time of the year where we’re getting these relatively large spiders in our homes, and its rare if there’s a day where you don’t hear someone saying

” There was a spider in my room last night and it really freaked me out, you should have seen the size of it! Had trouble sleeping after that “

Or something along those lines anyway.

But whenever you’re being told of the spider being a nuisance, you know it was just running about the walls or the floor of  the house and that’s it but its relate able because its happened to all of us.

But what if the spider was doing something that has kept us awake before, like someone playing redundantly loud music for example.


  • Scene opens with an office environment, by a coffee/water dispenser
  • A male character stands by the water/coffee dispenser: blood shot eyes, looks exhausted.
  • A female character walks into the scene, goes to the dispenser, notices how rough and tired the male character looks.

Female Character: ” WOAH! You look awful! Are you ok? What happened to you?

Male Character: “Yeah, I’m fine: theres just this giant spider where I live, and I can’t sleep or get settled because of it…”

Female Character: “OHHHH, I can’t STAND spiders! Exactly how giant is it?”

  • Close up on the males face, looking disturbed 


  • We see the male character, laying in his bed, eyes open, blood shot and twitching.
  • Loud music can be heard from the next room.
  • The camera pans across to the next room, where we see a giant anthropomorphic spider, raving to loud music.
  • Cut to black-Credits.

Idea Two:

Chunder Blunder

CHUNDER– ‘To vomit’

BLUNDER– ‘To make a stupid or careless mistake; act or speak clumsily’

Original basis of the idea:

With a heavy influence from the animated series Puffin Rock and various nature documentary, it’s a play or twist on the feeding process from a mother bird to a baby in which the mother bird regurgitates or vomits into the baby birds mouth in order to feed it. Typically whenever we see the feeding process in a children’s cartoon like Puffin rock or a Nature documentary like Planet Earth,  it’s shown in a respectful and tasteful way.

So, (taking influence some shorts like ‘Daddy Christmas’ where we as the audience are built up to expect one thing to happen and then are thrown or taken somewhere completely different in terms of narrative.) what if the feeding process isn’t shown in a particularly ‘tasteful’ or ‘respectable’ way?


  • Scene opens a baby bird sleeping in its nest.
  • Its awakened by the silhouette of its mother flying into the scene
  • The baby bird, hungry, starts to cheep at its mother for food, the mother looking at the baby, attempting to figure out why her baby is so restless
  • POV shot from the mothers view, of the baby cheeping up at her
  • The mother, having figured out that her baby is hungry, starts to quietly and slowly build up the regurgitated food. Neck and cheeks start to swell.
  • Another POV Shot of the baby chick from the point of the mother, we hear the mother birds graceful ‘build up’ turn into a violent gut churning build up in the throat, the babies pupils dilate from the realisation of what’s about to happen. (complete, uncontrollable, projectile vomit)
  •  Shot cut to a side view of the baby bird and mother bird, the baby bird being completely drench and overwhelmed by the vomit being emitted from the mother.
  • Cut to a far out distance shot of the environment, in the distance we see the mother flailing and vomiting everywhere, and the mother bird bobbing about in a panic.
  • Cut to a close up of the mother bird having finished vomiting, she looks at the baby bird, as if what just happened was completely normal, as standard feeding process
  • Cut to the baby bird, completely inflated and swollen from all the vomit it’s taken in, eyes twitching, vomit seeping from its mouth, moaning in pain.
  • Cut to black-credits

As described above, and mentioned previously I really like the idea of leading people to think the story is going in particular way and then twisting their expectations by doing something they wouldn’t expect.So when coming up with the narrative for these short ideas, that’s something I wanted to include in the final draft.


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