Palette-based Photo Recoloring: Duotone

Design Discourse Two

What is Duotone reproduction?

  • Duotone reproduction is a traditional printing technique that typically involves two colors of ink applied via halftone patterns over white paper.
  • This style gives an overall sense of coloration and has a nostalgic quality (but costs less than full-color printing involving three or four inks).
  • Digital imaging software like Photoshop provides a duotone function to produce this effect, while allowing the user to choose the ink color(s). Our method can easily produce a similar effect as follows.
  • We start with a grayscale image (or desaturate a color image). We select a 3-color palette and force one of the colors to be white (paper).
  • Finally the user can adjust the two darker (ink) palette colors to achieve various imagery in the style of a duotone.



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