Palette-based Photo Recoloring: Related Work

Design Discourse Two

Related Work: Automatic Color Enhancement

Vladimir Bychkovsky:2011: MIT CSAIL, built a large retouching dataset collected from professional photographers to learn an automatic model for tone adjustment in the luminance channel.

Luminance Channel: The channel through which brightness is measured.

Daniel Cohen-Or:2006:Tel Aviv University, proposed to automatically enhance image colors according to harmonization rules. However, the user can only control the hue template type and rotation, which is not flexible enough for our needs.

harmonization rules: Refers to the method used to enhance the harmony of colors in order to make an image more aesthetically please to a human’s visual perception. 

Hou and Zhang:2007, provide several concepts for users to change the mood of an image. These concepts are extracted by clustering hue histograms for different topics. They only provide 8 concepts, which limits their transformation and editing styles.

Clustering hue histograms: Grouping the numerical data of colour or shade  and displaying it using graphical representation.


Image: Obtained from wikimedia-hue histograms


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