SIGGRAPH 2015 Papers: Palette-based Photo Recoloring

Design Discourse:Two


We have been assigned a project in which in teams of 3-4 members, select one paper from the SIGGRAPH 2015 collection of papers that interests us and then based off the research of our selected paper, create a six minute Pecha Kucha presentation and present to the class.

My team has chosen to cover the topic Palette-based Photo Recoloring


The paper covers the wide range of image editing applications and the array of tools they provide for color manipulation. Many of these applications are believed to have a considerate amount of advantages paired with a series of disadvantages.

For example:

Some of these tools or applications are easy to understand however offer a limited range of expressiveness for the user. In contrast, more powerful image editing applications can offer the user more in terms of expressive freedom but are often considered to be quite complicated, mainly for new users of the tool but sometimes experts as well.

This paper introduces a simple, intuitive and interactive tool that allows non-experts to recolor an image by editing a color palette.

This system is comprised of several components:

  • A GUI that is easy to learn and understand
  • An efficient algorithm for creating a color palette from an image
  • A novel color transfer algorithm that recolors the image based on a user-modified palette.

This approach is evaluated through a user study, which demonstrates that it is faster and easier to use than two alternatives and allows new users to achieve results comparable to the work of an experienced user.

All in all it looks like a really interesting paper, I’ve been using image editing software for many years now, it’ll be cool to see how the tools and various applications have progressed over the past few years to what is now a pretty straight forward and approachable set of components to understand.


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