Palette-based Photo Recoloring: Acceleration

Design Discourse Two

The section titled acceleration, describes an acceleration scheme that allows an RBF interpolation scheme to be used in an interactive application.

It states that through this process, the weights are found only around the color and the initial palette colors, therefore, in principle the RBF computations need only be performed when the initial palette is established (not during color palette editing).

This process is then accelerated by storing (caching) this ‘weight’ data so that it is served faster when required in the future.

So now during the color editing stage, when the initial palette colors are known, we can use the ‘weight’ data locations that were previously stored and calcualte the output color.

Finally, to recolor each pixel in the image, trilinear interpolation is used on eight nearest grid values, which is considered to not only give our implementation interactive performance, but also improves any small discontinuities in the output color due to the non-convex gamut.


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