Creative Strategies: Going With Chunder Blunder

Based off the response and feed back from the class, we’ve decided to go with the twisted ‘Mother Bird feeding the baby bird idea.’

As a result we started creating some of our own ideas and concepts of what we thought the characters and environments would look like.

Below are a few concepts I drew up for our Baby bird character: Over the week,


Concept One

The above image is just a quick and early concept of the baby bird, really trying to work around the idea of making the baby bird ‘ball shaped’ but also trying to learn how to digitally draw fur or hair on animals. I used the video below to help me understand the hair painting process a bit more, in which artist and animator Aaron Blaise tells us a few nice tips and tricks that can be used to paint fur and hair.

So basically, Aaron Blaise, suggests creating a custom bush which consists of a series small dots, and with the custom brush selected and the smudge tool selected, drag over a object of colour to create the impression of fur. Really nice tip.

Concept Two 


The second concept image as seen above, demonstrates the creation process a bit than the previous.

  • I basically started off with a ball, that consists entirely of tonal values
  • Then I rough out where about’s I want the face of the character to be in terms proportions and positioning.
  • Finally I use a custom hair or fur brush, and paint over the tonal values of the bird. After which I over-layed some browns and yellows of the tonal values to add a bit more realism to the character using the overlay filter, and then I added the beak and eyes to finish off the character concept.

Concept Three


The following character concept was heavily influenced by the character designs of Puffin Rock.

Going for more of a hand painted/illustrated look, focusing more on simple shapes and simple colour.


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