Creative Strategies: Character Concepts -The Work Of Others (3D Focus)

I thought it would be a good idea to look into how others have created stylized and cartoon-y looking Bird characters In 3D, below are particular few I liked:


In the model above, I love how the feathers almost seem as If they’ve been sculpted into the geometry of the mesh itself: Maybe something to consider when creating our own characters?3dbird2

I really like this character design for it’s large and expressive eyes, I feel like we could get a lot of extra character detail and appeal if we apply this to our own character.


In this model, I particularly like its over exaggerated body proportions, I think It makes the character very appealing in a comical sense.


Probably the most simplistic design out of all the characters in this post, and Its probably my favourite as well, I really like the plain minimalist colour scheme of the character and the little ‘beedy’ eyes. Though I still think we’d be better off having large and expressive eyes for our characters.

Christian found this really nice speed modelling video of a cartoon bird, thought it was a really good find. I consider myself to be more of a visual learner, so I find it really useful to see  the process happening in front of me.


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