Creative Strategies: Environmental Influences

Whenever we were discussing what our environment should be made up of or how it should be presented we agreed on the simpler the better.

When creating our 15 second shorts from last year, a lot of us fell into the same situation where we’d spend a lot of time modelling a scene with lots of unnecessary assets in it that we wouldn’t even get to see in the final outcome.

So we started to do some research into others have created simple but very appealing environments.

One Idea that stood out to us in particular was the idea of having our scene on a little island with a tree or rock the house the nest our our characters, the idea of a floating Island seemed really appealing and would add a bit of an extra dimension to our animation.

Below are some examples of the designs that stood out to us:


I love the colour scheme in this concept, it’s very fantastical in its appearance and would allow to treat the designs of our characters in a similar fashion.


I love the atmosphere in this image, think its really nice, almost ‘muted.’ The thing that stands out to me in this scene is the idea of having one island with one tree. This would make the modelling process for our environment that little bit easier, and we could then spend time making look very visually appealing to look at from an audiences perspective.


My favourite image out of all the research images gathered, I think the colour scheme and design  elements in this image are perfect. One Island, One tree, but visually the enclosed environment looks amazing.




This image comes away from the whole ‘Floating island’ concept but still fits what we’re hoping to achieve, maybe we could just have a simple build up of rocks with the nest and characters perched on top of it but keep the surrounding area relatively muted and simple?


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