Creative Strategies: Pete’s Story Boards

Pete took it upon himself to create the storyboards of our animation, I think they’re awesome! I love the style in which they’re drawn, reminds me of the Japanese method of illustration know as Manga, which I’m a huge fan of.

Visually, in terms of how the story boards present the information of the story, I think these will be brilliant to work off and the imagery within the storyboards is very clear.

Awesome Job Pete!


Storyboard Set One:

  • The baby is Sleeping and is then awaken by its mothers arrival
  • The Baby,hungry, cheeps at its mother for food
  • Initially, the mother looks at the baby confused about what its chick wants.


Storyboard Set Two:

  • The baby bird is growing impatient, getting louder and more restless.
  • The Mother Bird, realises that its chick is hungry, the regurgitated food starts to build up in her throat, preparing the feed her chick.
  • The build up starts to seem overwhelming to the baby bird, when it suddenly realises what is about to happen.
  • The mother begins to projectile vomit all over the baby bird.


Storyboard Set Three:

  • The seemingly endless stream of vomit causes the mother bird to lose control of her neck, as the vomit now flies everywhere (cut to distance shot)
  • The mother bird finally stops vomiting, she looks back to the baby bird confused.
  • Finally, we see the baby bird laying face down in a pool of vomit.



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