Creative Strategies: Making the Sound For our animatic

During the creation process of our animatic, we set ourselves tasks that needed to be carried out in order to complete the animatic. I enjoy making the sound for animations, I think that sound is a great way to help set a scene or to portray a characters personality. In our case I found it was a really handy way of helping in the deliverance of our gag/joke.

I made the sounds of our characters for our animatic using a piece of software called Audacity and my Audio Technica microphone:

Below is a video of the sounds I ended up with after recording

I used audacity to change the pitch and tone of my voice as well as removing any background sounds that were present during the recording.

As well as recording myself I sampled sound from several videos (listed below) to help achieve the effect of the environment being windy or to emulate the sound of a birds wings flapping.

The following to liquid videos were used to help get that liquid sound from the vomit


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