Creative Stategies: Bifrost

Whilst researching into how to go about creating the vomit for our animation, I came across a digital tutors tutorial regarding a feature packaged with Maya called Bifrost.

Simulating Large and Small Scale Liquids in Bifrost


Click the image above to be taken to the tutorial used to research Bifrost

What is Bifrost?

Bifrost is a liquid simulation system, which uses flip solvers to create the effect of liquid within a suitable application for example Maya.

What is a flip solver?

A combination of how voxels and particles are simulated within liquid simulation systems.

Bifrost uses a computation server outside of Maya meaning the liquid is simulated separately from the Maya interface

Disadvantages to Bifrost over Maya particle simulation

  • There are few options whenever it comes to collides, friction and stickiness.
  • Bifrost is unable to interact with Particles or nCloths within Maya

Within the workspace I applied a bifrost liquid to the selected objects in the image below by going to the FX menu within maya, then navigating to Bifrostcreateliquid


As well as that, the ground mesh has a collider applied to it,meaning that our Bifrost liquid simulation will interact, collide and travel along the  ground mesh.


In addition I applied Killplanes to the scene in order to control the particles within the bifrost simulation that little bit better.

(Killplanes are used to help control the particles with a bifrost liquid simulation, any particles that pass through a Killplane immediately die off regardless of the location of the plane itself.)

The following play blast is the end result of our experimentation with Bifrost Liquid simulation.

Although I think Bifrost is a very useful and powerful tool for creating large scale liquid simulations, I don’t think it’s the solution we’re looking for with regards to creating the vomit for our animation.

This is due to the overall lack of control the user has over the Bifrost liquid simulation in comparison to using Particles within Maya.


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