Creative Strategies: Adding eyelids To our Characters Eyes, and Rigging the eye using key constraints

I used this tutorial by Tony Johnson to create the eyelids

  • I Started off by creating a NURBS SPHERE, rotate it on the X axis by 90 degrees and the Y axis by -90 degrees.
  • Under the sphere’s inputs in the attribute editor,  I changed its start sweep value to 100 and it’s end sweep value to 260

This will open up the sphere as seen below:


The current values set will act as the max values for the upper eyelid and the max values for the lower eyelid.

To make the inner eyelids, I repeated the same process as before accept this time I changed the scale value of the inner eyelids to 0.9. This makes the inner eyelid slightly smaller than the outer eyelid which will allow me to create a loft between the two. As seen below


In order to create the loft between both the inner and outer eyelids, I selected both eyelid meshes, and with ‘Isoparm’ activated, I selected the upper edges of both the inner and outer eyelids, went into surfaces and Loft options and changed the section spans value to match the amount of spans across my eyelid mesh. In this case 3.


I repeat the same process the the lower eyelids

Then using the CV curve tool, I created the set of controllers that would eventually be used to control the opening and closing of the eyelids and applied a freeze transformation to Zero out it’s values.


I then used set driven keys to connect the eyelid input values such as start sweep and end sweep to my controllers. The controllers act as the driver and the eyelid mesh acts as the driven creating a blinking motion.

I also used key constraints to rig the eyes:

  • An aim constrain was used to move to eyeball geometry
  • The blend deformers of the dilating Iris were key constrained to a slider, in which the slider is the driver and the Iris is the driven

Final outcome shown below:


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