Creative Strategies: Project Reflection

With the project at its end, I believe it’s necessary to reflect on the experiences I had throughout.

Overall and considering the circumstances, I’m moderately happy with the final outcome of the project. All though a mostly enjoyable experience, I felt very pressured from the mid point of the project to its end. However as a result of this pressure, I have learned so much about the necessity of team work, organisation and communication as well as an over abundance of skills learned within Maya regarding modelling, rigging and animating.

However, with relation to the final outcome there are several things I would like to fix, such as render issues and lighting issues, I’d also like to redo the sound for animation as I feel like its out of sync sometimes and also change some minor attributes regarding the vomit simulation. But overall I’m happy, I do plan on returning to this project at some point in the near future to apply these fixes, but for now I think it needs a break. (As do I…very,very much so…)


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