Creative Strategies:Assignment Two Brief

Having completed our previous assignment (animated short) we were then given a breakdown of our next brief.



Assignment Due Date: Jan 8th (TBC)

“This assignment is broken into three parts, which will also include team presentations on week 12.

Individuals will be required to form/join teams, which will enable them to explore three of the areas of expertise listed below.  Lectures and practicals throughout the semester will help inform and prepare students for each area.

This type of project creates a new team dynamic and structure.  In previous projects the individuals have come together and rallied around a central project.  This assignment inverts the norm by making the team structure and dynamic support and develop the work and processes of the individual.  In this situation it is very easy to fall into the trap of working alone.  Teams will need communicate well to guide the central themes that are to be achieved.  Teams will meet regularly to share project outcomes, techniques learned during the process and support each other in solving problems.
Week 12 Presentations will demonstrate your development progress and allow for feedback to be given before the winter break.

So in contrast to our previous projects in which we were assigned a set team from the projects beginning to its end, this assignment has a larger focus on the work and development of the individual.


Part One: Animation

Based on the research of the principles of animation & animation techniques, create a series of animations, using a rig provided, or another suitable biped rig.
  • Walk/run cycles – Consider exploring different characteristics
  • Body Mechanics – Examples could include – Getting up from a seated or laying down position, a jump across a gap, turning 180 degrees etc
  • Plan, research, peer assess/critique and help your team mates.

You may also want to consider the following:

  1. Interaction between two characters

  2. Lip sync / facial animation

  3. Video reference

  4. Blocking vs Straight ahead animation.

    With regards to the assessment criteria revolving around the animation segment of the module, there seem to be three mandatory areas required for submission.

  • Either A walk or run cycle
  • An animation that addresses body mechanics
  • The research and response to feedback given by team members

I’m going to aim for at least 3 animations, a walk cycle, a run cycle and maybe a jump. I’ve always enjoyed animating and i have a good team that aren’t afraid to critique work so figures crossed, with a bit of research and feedback from my team my final animations should be good.

Part Two: 3D Modeling and UV Mapping

Create a 3D scene roughly based on one of the following pieces of concept art:

  • The dismantlement of the old art college and the newer buildings –
  • Sci-fi scene – Daryl Randall daryl-randall-sci-fi-scene


  • Pumpkin World – Emma McCormick emma-mccormick-pumpkinworld


  • Sci-Fi scene – James Daltonjames-hugh-dalton-a229bc3752-1622294_600605553357269_1946553757_o


  • Abyss – Katie Nobel katie-noble-shitkk6ucehb0u3b533twmgkw05pcx4ph39rn52v818


  • Night Scene – Katie Nobel katie-noble-rjf7tlxbbi0flxe5sxfs8zfd6uonz9pqvyjtwcuo1hq


  • Model the environments and building/vehicle/prop models with UV maps.
  • Coordinate modeling tasks with your team and create a full layout scene.  Each member should attempt a building & suitable vehicle model for their portfolio & development.
  • Render HD stills or a short fly-through animation with Ambient Occlusion or other clay-rendering techniques, Include comparison wireframe renders also.
  • Give credit to the concept artist on your blog/showreel
  • Plan, research, peer assess/critique and help your team mates.

Consider the following:

  1. Composition

  2. Polygon count/efficiency

  3. Organising scenes & clean models

  4. 3D modeling techniques

  5. UV mapping techniques

Based off the concepts we’ve been given to work off, looking forward to this assignment.

I’m not the most confident modeller at the moment but its an area I’ve always enjoyed working in and wanted to improve at so hopefully this assignment so give me the practice I need if not only to improve my skill set but to learn a lot about modelling in general.

Part 3: Pick One of the following (A to G):

A) Lighting and Texturing


B) 3D Sculpting


C) Concept Art


D) History and Theory


E) Compositing VFX


F) Simulation


G) Rigging

Based off the options above I decided I wanted to go into Compositing VFX

Add 3D and/or motion graphic elements to live action backgrounds.
Footage can be provided.


  • A shot or shots of live action footage with composited CG
  • A break down render demonstrating the composited layers and/or post effects
Consider the following:
  1. Scene Continuity

  2. 2D & 3D Tracking

  3. Matching Colours

  4. Matching Lighting

  5. Contact Lighting

  6. Atmospherics

  7. Light-Wrap Techniques

  8. Edge Blend Techniques

  9. Working with Shadows

  10. Grain Management

  11. Lens Distortion & Aberrations

  12. Match Move

  13. Rotoscoping


Visual effects is one of the main reasons I wanted to get into the industry. I’ve always been fascinated by CGI in film, especially when combined with live action footage, so looking into compositing and VFX looked like a great opportunity.

Hand-in: January 8th
Individual submission will take our usual form of:

  • Portfolio This project should have it’s own portfolio section on your personal website/blog. Portfolio should include final designs, renders, animations etc, created by you during each phase of the project.

  • Blog Your blog should capture your research, application of theory, and importantly your reflection as you go through the process of creating the content.  This project should have it’s own section and be organised in a thoughtful way.  It should also illustrate the development of your understanding of each of the areas of expertise above.  Include a 200 word reflective post on the assignment & module.

  • Team Assessment form Team assessment is an integral part of individual and peer development and should be completed at the end of each phase of the project.  Peer assessment will have a contribution to overall assessment in the assignment.

  • A copy of your maya files
    Please attach your maya and where applicable your photoshop/mudbox files in .zip archive.



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