Modelling:Bedside Cabinet

Modelling the child’s Bedside Cabinet

Reference Images used, to complete the model


I started out by creating the legs and base of the cabinet, using the preset cubes and extruding them accordingly.


Next step, I started to make the housing for the drawer of the cabinet, again using a cube preset and flattening in to look like a thickened plane.  I extruded the edges of the cube inwards and outwards to fit around the legs made previously.


Continued by making the face section of the pull out drawer using a cube, I used the ‘insert edge loop tool’ to create some extra faces on the surface which would be manipulated later to create extra detail.


I then made the handle for the drawer using a cylinder, selecting several edge loops and scaling inwards in the centre. In addition I also started working on the sides of the pull out drawer.




Creating an additional cube for the top area of the cabinet, adding additional edge loops to the sides to add more detail.


Finally, I added more detail to the inside of the pull out drawer, in an attempt to make it resemble the real life piece of furniture.


Final Outcome of the bed side cabinet.






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