Creating the Television model for the child’s room



Reference images used to create the TV model.



I stated the modelling process using the ‘Quad Draw tool’ under ‘Mesh tools’ in the Modelling menu to create a rough version of the frontal face. In addition I duplicated half the mesh on the x axis by a value of -1 in scale under ‘Duplicate Special’ ( I also changed the geometry type setting to ‘Instance’ as all the changes I would make to one half of the mesh would be inherited be the other half as I worked.


I continued by creating an inwards edge around the mesh and continued to extrude it backwards on the Z axis.


Continued to extrude backwards (and slightly outwards) on the Z axis.


Smoothing mesh preview to check the orientation of my edge loops.


By selecting several vertices, I gradually move them outwards to create the outward curve around the edge of the TV’s face aligning it with the reference image.


With the front of the TV blocked out, I continued extruding the faces backwards using the side reference as help.


Continued extruding based off the side reference image.



I then started to model a basic version of the vent like openings, typically found at the side of a TV from the early 2000’s


Added additional details to the back, by extruding faces inwards and upwards. (y and z axis)




Happy with the current mesh I then combined the original mesh with the instanced mesh and merged the vertices.


Coming to the end I used various cylinders to create the buttons and audio jack ports.


Addition of more buttons.


Finally to create the screen, I used a black plane, with a ‘Mia’ mental ray material applied to it and a preset of thick glass.



Final Outcome



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