Modelling a lamp for the parents room


Reference Images Used to model the lamp and bulb



Reference Video used to create the Bulb: Tutorial by Mike Hermes


To create the bulb, I started off with a with had a subdivision value of 40 by 40 (height and axis) Deleting the bottom row of faces, I extruded scaled  several edges inwards and down with accordance to the reference image used.


To create the metallic screw area of the bulb I used a cylinder with an axis subdivision level of 40 and a height subdivision level of 10. I then selected every second row of faces on the cylinder and extruded them outwards, followed by selecting the inner and out edge loops of the extruded faces and rotating them slightly on the Z axis.


I then used a cylinder that was scaled down on the y axis to make the inner base of the bulb.


Moving onto the internal section of the bulb I created a cube and adjusted it to match up with the shape of the inner mechanism, combining two outward cylinders to recreate the wirer-like part of the inner mechanism.


Final result of the light bulb


Rendered in mental ray using Mia material presents such as chrome and thin glass.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Moving on to the base of the lamp itself I used a cylinder with a height subdivision level of five and gradually scaled the edges inwards we we move up the body of the lamp.


Created the lamp shade using a pipe object, and gradually scaled inwards we we move up the object to create the shape we see below.


I then imported the bulb into the scene and placed into the screw in cap of the lamp body (which was made using a cylinder)


Using the reference image of the lamp filter (start of blog post)  I created a cylinder with a height subdivision value of one and extruded two parallel  faces at either side and moved them upwards, extruding as I progressed. Finally combing them with two suitable faces of the pipe object I created to finish modelling the filter.


Finished mesh in wire frame mode (Lamp shade and filter combined.


Final result






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