Compositing: Ideas and Plans

With our brief set Edward and myself decided to team up and work on a assignment together.


From the start we liked the concept of compositing over live action footage.

Angel and Devil: The Terrible Idea Pitch

The story behind this idea involves four team-mates gathered around a table pitching ideas to one another. One member gets up to present his or her idea with great enthusiasm however, It’s an incredibly stupid Idea causing one of the other team-mates to seriously question either rejecting the idea harshly or to letting it down easy. Which Introduces us to a shoulder devil and a shoulder angel  of that team-mate. They both bicker with in one another until the team mate presenting their incredibly stupid idea asks for feedback.To end the bickering between the angel and devil the concerned team mate is just about to speck out about their unflattering thoughts with regards to the idea pitched until the other two team members burst out with enthusiasm and praise the idea heavily. Leaving the concerned team-mate shocked and confused, along with the angle and devil. Causing all three to scream out “WHAT!?!?!” in disbelieve, ending the short.


Image By Edward Boyle

Angel and Devil: Do Not Touch!

A student is casually walking down a hallway when they notice a plate of Doughnuts sitting on a plate with a small sign saying “do not touch”. Tempted and against their better judgement, the student slithers into the room drawing closer to the doughnuts. They pause for a second questioning whether eating one is right. Suddenly a devil appears on the table, gesturing to eat a doughnut. About to give into to the devils wishes, an angel appears, encouraging the student to stop. In an attempt to out do the angel, the devil clicks his figures changing the sign to say “Just for you, eat me”, the devil looks at the angel in a smug manner. Te angel gestures as if to say “two can play your game” and waves his hand, causing the doughnuts to  disappear and the note to say ‘Doughnut touch.’The devil shocked and confused by the angels antics falls to the floor in sadness. The student and angel look at the devil confused by his reaction. Finally the devil lets out a sob, “DOUGHNUTS.” Cut to black


Toy Car

Compositing a four shot sequence of a toy car travelling up a desk.




Idea Reflections

Angel and Devil: The Terrible Idea Pitch

We like the narrative of the idea and it would be a great way to blend our animation assignments with our compositing, a few things concern us though, it’s quite dialogue heavy, and we are yet to do any lip sync animations and we don’t have a decent way of recording the audio but we really like the narrative which would make the project enjoyable.

Edward suggested that we could try out the Malcolm or Max rigs for our characters and showed me these animations that had been made using them.

Max Rig Example (Video linked to the Image below)


I love the narrative of the animation and the joke is really well delivered but most importantly I love how the rig moves, and it doesn’t seem overly complex to use which is a bonus.

Malcom Rig Example (Video Linked to the Image below)


Again a really good narrative and it’s portrayed well with the character. You seem to able to get a lot of emotion and character out of the rig which could be beneficial for what we’re going for. Regardless, a great find from Edward.

Angel and Devil: Do Not Touch!

We really liked this idea as well, It seems more simplistic in comparison to our other Angel and Devil Idea which means it might be the better option to go with in the end but its still early stages yet. Our live action character doesn’t speak during so we wouldn’t have to worry about the live action audio. But our composited characters do speak so lip syncing might be a limiting factor.

Toy Car

This is the most simplistic of our ideas just a toy car travelling up a desk. The idea and concept is pretty basic which is good, but involves modelling, texturing and rigging which could be a problem unless we feed our modelling assignment with this one slightly.

Regardless! Happy with want what we have and am looking forward to working with Edward on this project.








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