Modelling: Alarm Clock

Modelling the alarm clock for the parents room





Reference Image Used


I started off by creating a cylinder, and deleted a face, revealing the inside. After which I extruded its exposed edge inwards and backwards, eventually using the fill hole function under Mesh , this would act as the outer shell of our clock.



Adding edge loops to ensure n N-gons were removed from the newly created internal face made in the previous step. In addition I duplicated the body of the clock and scaled it down to match the design of the reference image.



I also started creating the bell like objects typically found at the top of the clock  , Created using a sphere which was then halved.


The bottom edges where then extruded inwards and upwards against the out faces of the mesh.


I repeated these steps to create the secondary object bell shaped object on the other side of the clock.


Starting to make the handle across the top of clock, I created a plane and modelled it around the screw like object at the top of the bell, I duplicated it across to the other side as well.



With the the faces mirroring each other of each plane selected, I used the bridge function to connect the together, found under Edit mesh. (each plane was combined before the bridge function was used)





Next, I created the little hammer using a (you guessed it) cylinder,  I then added three edge loops around the outer surface and extruded one face into the body of the clock.


The hands of the clock were created using an extrude plane, which were then modified to resemble the hands accordingly.



Coming to the end, I modelled the feet of the clock using and extruded cylinder


The small support stand at the back of the clock was made using a cube after which I modified its verticies to achieve the shape I wanted.


Finally, to create the glass of the clock I used a cylinder, deleted all but one face and extruded it outwards slightly to achieve the curved effect of the glass



Final Result


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