Compositing:The Car Idea

Having discussed it we both thought since the car idea was the simplest concept its would be the best direction for us to go in with the project. As a result we started researching driven cars as references, camera actions and techniques,angles used and how they emphasised the speed of the vehicle.

Edward found this really cool, stop motion animated sequence using transformers toys. I liked this  because of how the creator  captured the illusion of speed about 19 seconds into the animation.

In addition Edward also found the ‘making of’ video. I was surprised to see that a lot of the video was actually green screened and composited together after wards. But was also glad to gain a better understanding of how they recreated the illusion of speed from the driven car sequences, where motion blur or some form of blur to recreate this effect. Really nice find Edward!

In addition we both found some nice references addressing actual car chases.

I found this video recreating an intense car chase using toy RC cars which I thought was awesome. I really liked the low camera angles used and how each shot cuts to another smoothly. It was also reassuring to see that scale doesn’t effect the illusion too much but it’ll have to be something we keep in mid when shooting our scenes.

And Of course, a good old spy chase scene. Edward suggested looking at this for its camera angles and transition between shots as well, couldn’t agree with him more, I also like the way the cars drift which could be worth looking into if we’re looking to make the movement of the car as believable as possible.




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