Animation Research: Animation Body Mechanics and The Importance of Video Reference

Thought this was a really interesting post from Digital Tutors looking into the importance of studying video references when creating an animation.


It starts off by stating how we as animators recreate real-life actions and movements and how having an understanding of how people, animals and inanimate objects move and behave is essential to creating believable animations. Studying video references can play an important role in the creation process of a believable animation.

It suggests that video references are an invaluable tool through which to gain knowledge of how things move in the real-world. As well as being incredibly useful to use to use for a basic timing structure for your animation. Where you use a video player application to the breakdown the RAW footage frame by frame.


Analysing a video reference:

Don’t just use this reference for merely rotoscoping purposes; instead, really pick apart what you are seeing in the reference and why it’s happening. For example how are an individuals hips moving? how far do their legs stretch? etc. Constantly question and analyse how an individual is moving and think about how to not only recreate it but reinterpret it into a believable animation.

Some good points made here, definitely things to keep in mind if I use video references to work off, the idea of almost reinventing the footage into your own animation really stood out to me.

It also reminds me I need to start collecting some video references for my animations…






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