Modelling: Tiolet

Modelling a toilet for the bathroom

Reference images used


Using the reference images, I started from the bottom of the toilet bowl and modeled upwards using a cube as my starting object.


Next, I created the hole found on the inside of the toilet bowl, by selecting a vertex and using the chamfer vertex function found under edit mesh.


I extruded the edges found at the rear of the toilet bowl upwards to create the back of the toilet.


Created the flush button of the toilet with a cylinder, scaled down on the y axis and extruded it downwards in the center.


With the main body of the toilet finished, I started working on the toilet seat and lid. (modified cubes)




Creating the small latches that keep the lid and seat to the toilets main body was initially tricky. I added two small pipes to both the lid and seat of the toilet
and then used the bridge function to attach it to the toilets main body.











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