Animating A Walk Cycle

Using the notes and references from both the Animators Survival Kit and video references, I started working on a walk cycle.

I started out by blocking out the basic movement of the legs.


Followed by the Up and Down Positions of the Walk.


Building upon this, I continued on with the rest of the body, including the arms, legs, hands and feet.


At this stage I thought the movement of the arms could be refined more, where the arms came out too much from the body and seemed quite rigid.


I loosened the arms up quite a bit however as a result, the arms started displaying a weird ‘pop’ in their passing positions which needed fixing.

Eventually with more refinements made to the animation, I managed to get a result I was fairly happy with, yet still needed a lot of work.

As a result I showed it to my the animation above for feedback: Kerry, Sorcha and Edward



  • He’s leaning more to the left throughout the walk, seen through his shoulders, meaning the is asymmetrically balanced.
  • The left foot seems to hit the ground at a greater impact than the right foot.
  • The arm and hand overlaps are a bit extreme in contrast to how the rest of his body moves.

Really happy with the feed back definitely something I can work with.


Multiple View Points

So I took the feed back given previously and made the adjustments accordingly. In addition I  added some other adjustments such as straightening the torso and back bring them up more.

However, Sorcha mentioned that his  upper body moves back as he moves forward in the Up position of the walk.

I fixed this by decreasing the backwards and forwards motion to the upper body. Giving me the final result shown below.








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