Modelling: Ceiling Fan

Modelling the Ceiling fan for multiple house rooms

To model the ceiling fan, I started with the main body. I blocked out a rough shape of body using a cylinder which had been modified by inserting multiple edge loops and scaling/extruding them based off the design I had in mind.


I then began to work on the mechanism that the fan blades would typically be attached to.
I wanted to leave the possibility of the fan blades being animated open, in case we wanted to use a little bit of animation to add to the atmosphere or pacing of our scene. (blades rotating) so I use a separate cylinder to begin it’s creation.


To finish, I made the blades of the fan using a plane, I selected the faces at the base of the plane and scaled inwards. Finally I duplicated the plane two times to create the additional blades of the fan (three in total).These were then arraged and placed accordingly with the main body of our fan giving the result below.










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