Compositing: Project Update

So with multiple projects going Edward and Myself haven’t had many changes to come together and develop the car idea as much as we’d initially hoped for.

Also Blayne joined our team! Really buzzed that he wanted to work with us!

So in the end we’ve decided to simple composite a 3D object into a live action scene, our Lecture Alec suggested this concept earlier on as a good exercise to help you break into compositing, so we’re ran with that.

I think it’s a good direction to take our project because its a simple concept but can be tricky to pull off and make believable. Where we would want our composited object to fit in with our footage as much as possible, looking into proper perspective and lighting to make it realistic. Not our initial plans but plans change.

we may not be working on a project where one thing leads to another, but we can still help each other out with advise and feedback which is just as good!


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