An Introduction To Creative Enterprize

With creative Enterprise, we are being taken through the steps necessary to get ourselves ready for employment or working with clients. 

The module is split up into two parts:

  1. Lectures from Greg
  2. Lectures from speakers

The module is set up to teach us how to sell ourselves, referring to 3 main stages.

  1. HELLO WORLD (Marketing)
  2. INTERVIEW (Personality)
  3.  JOB (Success!)

The ‘Hello World’ section of the module looks into marketing yourself to companies or potential clients by:

  • Creating a 2 minute (3 minute max) showreel, demonstrating the skills you have to offer through some of your best work.
  • A CV – Resume
  • A cover letter
  • Website
  • Taking part in mock interviews

Typical Reel layouts:

Modelling Reel – Display turntables, textures, wire frames and uv’s

Animation Reel – Short Cycles, to and from idle

Compositing Reel – Clean shot, trackers, markers (swipe)


CV Content:

  • Clear; Relevant
  • Contact information
  • Searchable Text – Keywords like ‘Modelling‘, ‘Animation.
  • Chronological order: Latest employment information at the top of the CV with dates and a brief description of what you did.

Cover Letter – Why you want to work for the company you’re applying for.

Personalised to each company – eg.

  • ‘Dear [insert carefully researched name here]’
  • ‘I love your work on The blind optician
  • ‘I like doing this’ – describe relevant tasks you enjoy
  • ‘I would be a good fit to your company because’

Website – Content should include

  • Show reel
  • About You
  • Clear & relevant
  • Professional Name
  • Experience

Mock Interview

  • Arrive Early
  • Confident Pose
  • Bring Hard Copies
  • Sketch books
  • Bring Laptops/Pc/Tablets/USB
  • Prepare for a lack of internet
  • Don’t wear a suit

Networking Opportunities

  • Online & Face to face
  • Toody Threedy
  • Games NI
  • NI Screen
  • Facebook
  • Make Business Cards
  • Have your show reel on your Phone, you never know who you’re going to meet

Job – When working for an employer:

  • Don’t be a dick
  • Take direction well. Make your boss happy
  • Keep Networking
  • Keep your Show reel up to date
  • Keep looking for other opportunities
  • Keep learning
  • Blog
  • Work at work. Stay off Facebook

Seems like its going to be an interesting module! looking forward to what speakers are brought in and hearing what advice they have to offer, should be fun!



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