Studio Client Project: Double Jump Studios

Having been assigned to a company, we arranged to meet our client representative: Naill Carlin: lead of Double Jump StudiosOriginally creative head at White Noise Studios, working on projects for clients such as the BBC. Developing an interest and seeing the potential in the application of Virtual Reality, such as the Oculous Rift, on media today.


Who are Double Jump Studios?

Double Jump Studios are a graphics, VFX and video production company based in Belfast, they specialize in all things animation. Delivering ground breaking designs and visuals on time and on budget.

Brief: Create an explainer video/Animation for Double Jump Studios.

It must reflect the company, so make it:

  • Inventive
  • Fun
  • Creative
  • Problem Solving

Typical Workflow Process

  1. Script Development
  2. Creative Concepts
  3. Storyboards
  4. Animation 2D/3D
  5. Video Production
  6. Post Production
  7. Voice Over
  8. Final Delivery

Duration on each Stage

Conceptualisation:1 week

Visual Concepts:1 Week

Story Boarding:1 Week

Asset Creation:3-4 weeks

Animation: 3-4 Weeks

Polish: 1 week

Final Presentation

Having the chance to meet and work with Niall is awesome! Love the brief set, It pretty much covers the entire production process so we’ll be able to work on all aspects of the process weather its designing,modelling,animating (etc). Also its a great chance to learn a new piece of software, we were told that we’d be working a lot with After effects, a power piece of software used frequently here in the North so that’s a bonus. Working with Niall is also going to give us a great insight into what the industry is like, his work is impressive covering a range of media, like compositing and visual effects.


Looking forward to getting started!




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