Creative Solutions-Double Jump:Concepts

The task set was to come up with one concept for each stage of the content creation process addressing the services provided by Double Jump.

  • Script Writing
  • Concepts
  • 2D/3D animation
  • Video Shooting
  • Post Production
  • Voice Over

One of the initial concepts we had was the idea of Double Jump being a Factory of creativity and fun. Inhabited by little wacky and appealing characters.

A thought I had was of the idea of entering the Double Jump factory through a gate or sublime doorway, almost like we’re about to be taken on a journey through how double Jump works and what they do.

Rough Idea


Rough concepts of how it would look, maybe start further back and make the movement a lot smoother and appealing.

Rough Sketch


This was just an idea of how the sequence could open.

Script Writing

The script writing phase, being one of the most important stages in the development process, I liked the idea of opening with a few boxes placed on top of pedal-stools all connected by bright, colourful pipes and wires maybe. (against a soft and coloured occlusion background). 


These boxes would a client product, sent or delivered for Double Jumps creative influences.


To which point a robot hand or character would lift a small ball representing the clients initial idea, about to go through the Double Jump Pipeline.

(The ball,possibly appearing as clay or play dough, giving the impression that its mould able, easily modified.)


This ball would then be placed into a pipe which feeds into our script writing character. (similar to the idea of putting a memory stick into a pc or mac). Who frantically types out a script based off the initial idea input.


As a result a production line of little characters begin to be created, these character wouldn’t be finalized but would just serve as the basic foundation blocks of where they fit into the script, so would consist of simple shapes (yet still have appealing characteristics, cute faces etc)

The initial idea would then be passed on to the next stage in the development pipeline, in this case visual concepts.

Visual Concepts

With the visual concept stage, I had the idea of the previously created characters from the script writing stage being passed along by a conveyor belt to be moulded into a finalised design.

The script has travelled from the script writing character to the concept character who works on a drawing desk/cintiq like device, who then sketches up designs based off the script. These characters are then quickly moulded to fit the design.


The initial characters from the script writing process being quickly moulded to fit their design.


Showing this process from different view points/ perspectives could provide a nice opportunity to show off some humour, e.g. the perspective of the character about to be moulded.


2D/3D Animation

When ever it came to representing the animation stage I thought the idea of the newly created characters (3D) being flattened by a steam roller or rolling pin could be an interesting way to go about it. Again could be a nice opportunity to show off a bit of humour from the perspective of the characters about to be flattened.


Rough Idea, a little less alarming in our version


Video Shooting

For the video shooting stage, We thought it would be cool to represent it as if it were an actual film set, with simple props and set pieces with characters either acting in it or recording it.


However making it simple,looking at using basic Maya shapes and image planes to make up most of the scenery, almost like stage cut outs.

Reminds me of my teams 15 second animation from last year, working closely with basic shapes and textures.

However ours will be much more colourful and bright.


Post Production

So with the Post production stage, I was working off the idea of adding polish to something and the concept of a diamond not being a particularly desirable thing until its polished and refined into something awesome.

Its basically saying,”you had clay but now you have a diamond, but lets polish and refine it to make it even better.”


Maybe a giant rough diamond falls on the set from the video shooting stage as a method of transitioning from one stage to another. (and a bit of slapstick humour)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As a simple and quick way of representing the refinement process I thought of a quick chisel and then sprayed and wiped to get that polished result.


Chisel Concept

Voice Over

Could the voice over stage be represented  with a character? Stylized and made to look like a microphone and possibly speaks with the dialogue.


A quick concept, the base would sit stationary whilst the head flaps about during dialogue similar to how Canadians are represented in South Park.

Another idea that came to me focused more on the presence of characters, in this case little microphone character carrying the word Voice Over onto the screen.




Some Rough Character Concepts

Focusing on simple shapes like cubes and cylinders. (Maya default shapes)



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