Explanatory video Research:

Considering our brief is to create a one minute animated sequence that demonstrates and explains the inner workings of Double Jump Studios I thought it would be necessary to look into what others made a great explanatory video.

I found this article on Kiss Metrics giving 9 insider tips to what makes ‘killer’ explainer video.


1. It’s All About the Script

“A well written script is the key to a successful explainer video. It’s the foundation upon which everything else is built.” 

So the script sounds like a pretty big deal, I understand why Niall wants to write it himself, focusing particularly on what really matters to the company and how to show it off in the best possible way.

2. The Shorter the Better

“the less you say, the more likely people are to remember.”

A short, simple and straight forward message  that explains what your company does is the point of interest that will grab peoples attention.

3.KISS (Keep it Simple Silly)


  1. The problem – Address the pain your customers are having
  2. The solution – Introduce your product or service as the answer
  3. How it works – Briefly describe how it works or how to get started
  4. A call to action – Tell people what to do next

4. Describe the Benefits, not Features

Instead of describing the technical and more complicated aspects of your services, tell people how your product or service is going to make their lives better.

replace ‘100 GB’ with ‘lots of storage’

5. Use a Professional Voice

You want your company to come across as professional as possible, the sound of a professional voice solidifies that.

6. Have Some Fun

It’s important to develop a video that resonates with your audience and people love to be entertained.

Adding something like humour, a surprise, or something crazy, can carry your message far. It gets people smiling and helps them connect with your brand in a way that a website can’t.

7. Visuals are Secondary

Professional looking visuals are important. However the visuals are only there to help illustrate the story and message you’re trying to convey.

8. Set the Tone with Music

Music can evoke all types of emotions, and  has the ability to set the tone and pace of your explainer.

9. Plan for the Launch


  1. Select a video host –  for example vimeo or youtube
  2. Have a marketing plan – Leverage your blog, newsletter, social media channels, e-mail signatures, and events to share your video.
  3. Integrate the video on your website – Have the video on the main page of your website,it should integrate seamlessly with your brand and content.


I thought these were really valid tips for creating an explanatory video, the key thing I took away from it is that the message is the most important thing above all else. Simply use the visuals and audio elements to help carry your message further.

Niall also posted these example to give us a feel for what he’s looking for and how to it done.

Play With Oreo

Nice, fun visuals that represent all the wacky ways you can eat an Oreo. Like some of the points above stated, keeping it simple is your best bet. In this case simple shapes and geometry accompanied with appealing design.


A Guide To Happy – Panoply

Uses simple, appealing imagery to convey a message, even though at it core the topic of what body chemicals makes us happy, with the pros and cons is quite a technical topic, It is explained in a very simplistic and straight forward way. Refering to steps 3 and 4 mentioned above.


Orange Tree

Is a great example of explaining the need and service in 3d with a good call to action.





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