Concept Work and development

After our group meeting on  meeting on Monday, 8th Febuary, we were assigned specific processes to develop concepts and designs to .

As follows:

Andrew: Script Writing and Video Shoot

Paul: 2D to 3D animation and Story Boarding

Callum:Creative Concepting and  Post Production

Ryan: Voice Over

For Script Writing I developed the previously established concept of the being a script writing character who receives the brief and based off that, starts typing out a script onto itself  and as a result starts to create items that would be needed to create the video like cameras, character etc…

So stage one, we see a brief on a platform (represented as a ball of clay), to which point it is picked up and carried away to stage 4 where it is input to the script writing character, who analysis’s it and begin to output relative content.

I showed it to the group for feedback, to which the response was although the core idea and design was good the colour needed to be reworked. Niall’s advise was to still to 3 colours, one of them being white.

To which point I responded to the feedback with this updated piece using only variations of blue, yellow and white. Already started to see a massive difference in appeal and look.

Continuing on with my concepts I decided to start working on polished designs for the video production process. However I wanted to do a bit more research on  proper use of colour, so I did a bit of research on Behance and came across some really cool pieces of work with excellent use of colour and and great design elements.

These images stood out to me the most because they seem to relate to our project in some way for example, showing a production like process, being cartoony and very appealing visually. All the traits we want in our final outcome.

Below is the first draft, the largest image being the overall design of the set and how I could potentially look. I didn’t want to over complicate it, so I used as many basic shapes as I could, which will hopefully pay off when It comes to modelling to the set it self in maya. In terms of colour I took influence from the first of the four images shown above. Working with maroons and blues.

So the idea behind this process, is that the camera character is recording footage from this film set in front of him, to which point he then takes this footage and plugs it into the TV bot character to view it.

Feed back was positive where a development had been shown, however I was encouraged to keep experimenting, trying to work white into the image.

So I redid it but this time with a more shaded approach. Working with blue, yellow and tones of white as my main colour scheme using a rendered out occlusion layer to achieve a nice tonality.

When comparing the new image with the previous, I’d say there’s a definite development, which is cool to see. The first version is visually quite heavy with colour which could take away from the overall effect we’re trying to achieve, and red is considered to be an aggressive colour and we don’t want that! So I think the second matches way more with what we need. Simple colours and design that conveys a point clearly, effectively and in a fun way.

With the piece of concept work done bellow I wanted to address to new idea Paul came up with for how the character transitions from the 2D/3D animation stage to the video shoot stage. The little camera character inflates a 2D object (turning it into 3D) and this inflated object then carries the camera character into the video shoot stage.

Paul’s original concept.


It was a great exercise in gaining a better understanding of what the perspective of the shot would look like if we worked from this angle. I also took what I learned about colour from my previous concepts and attempted to develop it further, working in other colours and patterns to the mix in order to break up the scenes visual elements.


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