Research: Showreels

In preparation for putting our show reels together we have been asked to do a bit of research into the show reels of others. Taking note of what we think is good about them and what could be done better.

Jonathan Cooper – Game Animation/Motion Tracking Showreel

Immediately what I like about this showreel is how it shows off some of the basic character animations, having the same animation present three times and from different angles in the shot allows us to see how the overall animation plays out. We can see that Jonathan has taken the time to ensure that the animation is good from all angles, which would be an important factor in a third person game. I also think its cool the way he shows off how these animations play out in the game itself.

However I do feel like he could say what software he used, and have his contact information at the start of the reel. If an individual exits the video on the half way mark, they wouldn’t know how to contact him.

Xin Zhao  – Character Animation Showreel

I love this showreel! it’s full of brilliant animation and has a lot of character. It also shows a strong understanding of various different emotions and scenarios, ranging from humour to sad/ upset. Its simple and straight to the point.

I would have my contact information at the end as well to reinforce my details with the viewer and maybe have the software used as  well.

Ryan Manolov – 3D Modeling Showreel

Another really cool reel with a lot of high quality work, the combination of presenting his work using rotation and still images makes a lot of sense to me, the rotations allow you to see the models from every angle which is great but doesn’t necessarily give you the opportunity to see the finer details, that’s where the rendered stills come in.

I wouldn’t mind seeing the uv’s for his textured characters, and similar to Johnathan Cooper’s showreel, I would have put my contact info at the start of the reel, to reinforce my details with the viewer but the addition of software used at the end is cool.

Gregory Chalenko – VFX and Compositing Showreel

I thought Gregory shows off some really nice work here and the way in which he break down each shot is interesting to see. I also like the way he included the project name, client and responsibilities at the bottom of each shot. However I don’t think he has enough contact information on the reel.


Class Notes

  • Keep it simple and professional
  • Put you name at the start and at the end of your showreel, include software used and contact information
  • Demonstrate a clear understanding of what you have done in the reel
  • Maybe credit your course or the company you worked with, “special thanks to”





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