Research: CV

What content should a CV have?

  • Your name
  • Contact Information
  • Bio (About Yourself)
  • Experience
  • Skills
  • Software Experience
  • Education

Additional Content

  • Recognitions (achievements)

I  want my CV to stand out in a crowd, but also have it fit in with the company i’m applying to work with.As a result, it should clearly convey all my information to the individual reading it, making it easier for them to decide whether I fit into the company or not.

As a result, I decided to collect a variety of CV’s picking and choosing what I liked from each one, and trying to implement these features into my own.


I love the sense of depth you get with Errol Veloso’s CV, it makes certain bits of information stand out to the reader. Also the simple and contrasting colour scheme helps highlight key bites of information.

2013 Resume

Patrick Rogan’s CV is simple, displays the information on the page clearly, and uses a single colour scheme to break up the information in a contrasting way that helps it stand out.

creative CV:

With Monica Gomes’ CV you get a real sense of personality from it. I love the logo as well, its like she’s creating a brand for herself, which is a really cool idea. In addition to that her skills, experience and contact information is clearly shown for the readers ease.

I think Stewart Mayhew’s CV looks incredibly professional, using contrasting tones of grey, suing white and blues to allow key bits of information to stand out. With regards to the content, all the relevant information is there, ranging from a personal bio to skills and experience. The only thing I would say is that maybe there’s a bit too much information and visual elements. The CV itself is quite busy and slightly distracting in some places.


I love the simplistic design of David Maddocks CV, again, a simple colour scheme of one colour contrast well again the white of the page. Similar to some of the examples above, he also uses colour to highlight key pieces of information. However I do think it could be simplified to one page as there’s a lot of information which can make the viewing process tiresome.


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