CV Drafts

Below is the first draft of my CV, I wanted to follow along with the advice and feedback given in class, in which you would typically have your name and occupation at the top, followed by your bio and then experience as these pieces of information are what tell the employer most about yourself and whether or not you’d be a good fit for the company.


I started by breaking it down into into a basic format highlighting the main headings to go in each section.


However looking at it and comparing it to others, I felt like it was quite boring. It has the information, but visually it doesn’t say or reflect a lot about myself and therefore not standing out which could cost me the position i’m applying for.

As a result I started looking at the other CV’s that were produced by the rest of the class. In particular Sorcha McGlinchey’s and Christan Johnston’s.

Sorcha’s CV

What I like about Sorcha’s CV is that her personality shines through it. You can really get a sense of what kind of individual she is, fun, creative and hard working, the visual elements also help tie it all together with the  little rendition of herself as her logo or brand symbol which adds a nice sense of character to it. An awesome CV Sorcha!

Christian’s CV


One of the things I thought was great about Christan’s is the design. It’s very simple and layed out to ensure the information on the page is organised, clear and well formatted.

So as a result, I re-did my CV, taking influence from Sorcha’s and Christian’s.

I rearranged the layout, changed the colour scheme to make it more visibly interesting to look at and added a little character I made up in Maya to add a bit of personality to it.





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