Research: Websites

We were asked to go and do some research on how other CG artists have set up and layed their websites, saying what we like and we think could done better.

Here are some of my finds:

Chungkan – Cinematic Artist


From looking at the site we are immediately hit with how organised and well presented everything was. The content is split up into three areas, professional, personal and workshop.

Professional – Portfolio created from the variety of Blizzard projects he’s worked on.

Personal – A small collection of portfolio pieces that he’s done outside Blizzard

Workshop – A series of tutorials he’s made himself for any artist to work from.

Good Points

  • Simple,clear and well presented
  • Collection of work is a very high quality
  • An email address is found at the bottom of each page as well as links to his other online presences such as facebook,vimeo and linkedin.
  • The fact he creates content that sets out to teach others demonstrates a sense of confidence in his own work.

What could be done better

  • He could go into a bit more detail when it comes to the work he produced, which tells the employer more about the artist.
  • The site doesn’t have a showreel demonstrating his work in greater detail

Overall, I think Chungkan’s site is simple but really well thought out.

Victor Hugo – Freelance Artist

victor Hugo.jpg

Another artist’s site I thought was worth mention was Victor Hugo’s. His site is organised in a way that allows the user easy navigation through out.

When we first enter the site, the first thing we see is his showreel that clarifies his specific responsibilities in each project and a collection of work from multiple other projects ranging from advertising to comic book illustrations.

Good Points

  • Well organised and easy to navigate
  • Demonstrates his work and portfolio clearly
  • The ‘about me’ and ‘F.A.Q sections tell us more about the person behind the work which could be useful for an employer.
  • The ‘Get in touch’ section displays a variety of different contact options including links to his presences on social media site like facebook.

Victor hugo_contact.jpg

What could be done Better

  • I would really like to see some form of blog from the site that gives us a better understanding into how he works and gets the results he does.

Cant really fault Victor’s site, it seems to tick a lot of boxes for me and demonstrates a variety of really cool stuff.


Peter Zoppa – Character Artist


Peter Zoppi has gone for a slightly different approach when creating his online presence, where he’s merged his website and blog into the one area.

From the home page we are greeted with a small bio section off to the side of the site and a continuous flow of blog post detailing interests and recent projects.

The content is broken up into both professional and personal work, tutorials,photography, about me and contact information.

Good points

  • The website demonstrates a variety of high quality work, both personal and professional.
  • The fact that he creates content set out to teach others suggests he has confidence in his work.
  • The addition of a photography section gives us a better idea of how he perceives things such as composition and framing within a shot, etc.

What could be done Better

  • The site could be simplified as it’s currently very busy looking
  • The addition of more contact information would be great
  • A show reel or at least a gallery of work being present on the homepage would be useful.

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