What is a sting?

With the brief changed to ‘create three 20 to 30 second stings’ I decided to do a bit of further research into what a sting is and how others have done in the past t gain a better understanding of the format we’ve been asked to create.


A visual and/or musical punctuation that signals a break between two sections of a program.


E4 City – City Wanderer 

E- Stings – Woolly Package

BT – Commercial Stings

The Telegraph – Commercial Stings


So there seems to a wide variety in terms of approaching a sting, for example the Telegraph’s sting is straight to the point in which it represents the brand with a clean and simple logo animation, Where as the BT stings use abstract shapes and colours, combined with some animation as their commercial branding. On the opposite side of the spectrum the E4 stings seem to represent the brand with little stories filled with characters in different settings and circumstances.

Despite the different approaches seen above, they all have a definite feature and that is the representation of the brand as the priority, where all the visual elements are simply used to compliment how the product or brand is shown, making it interesting.

I personally prefer the the E4 stings as a method of conveying the brand. It tells a story and shows a sense of progress with various elements such as humor and creativity to demonstrate the fun aspects E4 has to offer to a wide audience. I think this approach suits our brief as well.





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