Showreel With feedback


First draft of my showreel, so theres still a few bits and pieces to fix up. I put this together with the intent of applying for a generalist postion with a company, showing off my work in as many areas as possible, modelling, animation, compositing etc.

After wrapping it up, I sent to Alec and Niall Carlin (Double Jump) for feedback and advice on how to make it better.

Alec’s Feedback

  • Try some other car renders – try using different hdr images maybe with higher studio light contrast (more black areas) experiment with the car paint shader material.
  • Move the comp shot forward, after the robot model, then the animation cycles, then the bird and crunch shots, then the prop models
  • Add textures and appropriate shaders to the prop models along with the wire frame stuff you have when you have time after hand in.

Niall’s feedback

  • Liven it up more
  • Don’t just have turn tables of your work, have you assets doing something that engages the viewers interest, like interacting with one another.
  • Show the early concepts,process and development of your work

He then told me to look at this ‘making of video’, taking note of how the individual, shows the development, process and breakdown of the work.


Really happy with the feedback given, it’s really constructive and will definitely make a huge difference whenever the changes are made. Thanks lads!


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