Animatics: Development

With our storyboards ok’d we started to move our work into Maya for the animatic development stage. This would give us the opportunity to work out the timing of our animation, camera movements/transitions and overall flow of the sequence.

Animatic One

Mentioned previously, I realised that due to the change in set design the original concept of having a pipe come down off screen to carry the brief away into the next scene didn’t really fit or make sense.

(Original Concept)


As a result, I changed that idea to something more suitable, where the brief (now in a sack or bag)  is sitting on a platform or area of focus after which a little helicopter character arrives to collect it and deliver it to scriptwriting. This refers back to what Double Jump Studios does on a daily basis, and displays a transitional process within the sequence itself.

  1. Client Brief arrives
  2. Brief is taken through the script writing process
  3. Scripts are transferred to creative concepting
  4. Pan out to reveal logo

The spinning motion of the camera was influenced by a transition from the animated short trailer: THE SCARECROW. We thought it would an interesting transitional effect to our own work whilst having the chance to show off a lot of interesting and querky processes.





  • Have the briefs emerge from the platform
  • Work on the framing of the camera, make sure we see something interesting happening with every transition.
  • Work on the pacing and timing, slow to camera movement down when we need to focus on something (ie: the key processes)
  • Good start. Keep at it.

Taking the feedback on board I made the briefs rise from from the platform after which a little helicopter character (based from Paul’s design) flys up, collects the brief to then deliver it to the script writing stage. Which then begins to output a series of scripts which float down into the creative concepting stage. I also slowed down the camera movements when focusing on key processes and readdressed the flow and framing issues brought up previously. I also developed the set more to help characterise the process, particularly  the ‘Brief arriving stage.’

Animatic Two


  • Start to polish the set design elements, add a light bulb to the creative concepting stage to emphasis the idea.
  • Start looking into colour
  • Good work on the flow and framing of the sequence

Alec’s feedback

  • experiment with zoom in transition – e.g. zooms into colour/eye and out into another sting or part of sting or logo etc
  • work on Camera flow of was in outs of camera
  • consider experimenting with isometric/orphagrphic camera in maya – similar to ‘A Day’ short & monument valley
  • block out colours in 3d animatic so it’s not all lambert1 grey


So we got a good amount of feedback to work off to improve our work which was great!

With all the feedback taken on, I came out with the result seen below.

Animatic Three


  • More offset on the robot movements perhaps (maybe one is doing something different i.e. robot dance)
  • Renders – match styles – share material presets
  • Experiment with some motion graphics and extra ways to push the quality of the idents in post production in after effects – ask Niall what kind of AE effects he’d like you to look into.
  • Add subtle motion blur in final renders with the reelSmart motion blur plugin

Niall’s Feedback

  • Much bigger light bulb .
  • Exaggerate everything.
  • Little bit more animated with the characters would be good too.

So again, plenty to work with and improve but happy with the responses so far! looking forward to polishing this up.


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