Modelling: Message ‘Alert’ Bot and Script Writer Bot

Message ‘Alert’ Bot

In previous versions of my animatics, there was a little floating screen object which displayed the mail icon to symbolise the arrival of the brief. Shown below:


However the more I worked with and developed the scene, the more bland it became in comparison to the colourful and cartoony look we were going for.

As a result I decided to turn this message alert object into a character, that responds to the set and other characters in a more life-like way.

I wanted to keep it simple, making sure the screen was still the main object of focus. So I did a bit of research looking into other TV head based characters, excluding my own and came across and blog under the name of wnjmn.

This individual had made some incredibly cute and appealing looking character with heads, resembling that of TV screen which was exactly what I was looking for:

Work by wnjmn.

As a result, I based the message ‘Alert’ bot design off off these character, adding a little siren at the top and modified the little speaker shapes at the side.


Script Writer Bot

With regards to the script writer bot, it’s original design changed very little over the course of the project.

Referring my concept design from earlier on in the project.

Final Outcome




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