Animation: TV Bot Characters

When referring back to the feedback given on week 12, its was clear that I need to improve the animation of the characters.


Previous Feedback

  • More offset on the robot movements perhaps (maybe one is doing something different i.e. robot dance)

As a result I spent a bit of time ironing of the character animations, specially the TV bot characters.

Getting them to feel alive was incredibly important, so opposed to having them standing completely stationary, I added a little bit of vertical movement to the legs and torso in an attempt to emulate breathing.

In addition to the breathing I also added a bit more life to the reactions of the idea. These reactions ranged from simply rising to attention to jumping for joy at the idea, I wanted to create a bit of variety with the movement so each character would stand out a bit more from one another.

Also the addition of of the little dancing was important due to the fact:

  1. Direct feed back
  2. I think the shot is much more appealing and amusing as a result

When it came to dance animation references I found this little gem. It’s nothing over complicated, in fact its simplicity is one of the reason why I liked it so much. But I also thought it fitted our animation, due to it’s appeal and humour.


As a result, having taken the feedback on board I came out with the following result:


But in addition I also improved the overall flow of the animation in general. Which Double Jump were really happy to see.





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