Learning how to import a camera from Maya to After Effects.

Earlier on in the production process Double Jump Studios suggested that instead of rigging faces onto our characters, we use a method of exporting the Maya camera from After Effects and compositing 2D animated facial animation over our footage.

This would supposedly save us time and help us get a better grasp of what tools After Effects has to offer.

I found this really short and simple tutorial on how to at least import the Maya camera into After Effects.

Key Notes

  • With your scene created which includes a camera, go to:

Edit —-> Keys —-> Bake Simulation

  • After which you must save it as a Maya ASCll file
  • Render Out the sequence as you normally would
  • Open up After Effects, import the Maya ASCll file
  • Import image sequence.
  • The Camera has been successfully imported from maya to after effects.

Really simple and straight forward process, but it would be interesting to if it works differently when render layers are implemented, but overall looking forward to giving this a go!


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