Creative Enterprise: Reflection

Over course of the module I’ve had the pleasure of delving into a lot of really interesting research and conversing a lot of amazing people. I thought the way the module has been set up and the content we’re taught as a result was invaluable, particularly for a developing artist/designer. The interview experience in particular was something I can say I’ve learned a lot from, the one on one process gives you a great chance to experience what industry is potentially like here and where its going, which I can say with confidence, cant wait to be part of it. I realised that presentation is a large part of selling yourself, both in person and how you present your work, which has caused me to really think about how my work communicates itself to others. Adding life to your work could be the difference between you getting employed. The advice given in the guest talks we’re eye opening, and only made me more excited and devoted to keep pushing myself and developing as an artist, cause the hard work pays off to quote Gerard Dunleavy.  I’ve also developed a better understanding of how things work (that aren’t industry specific) like creating a good CV or cover letter, the importance of networking, regardless of what career you’re and the necessity of just going for it and seizing the opportunity you want.

Overall I’ve had a great time with Creative Enterprises and learned a lot as a result, and have been given a good direction to go in and keep progressing.



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