Creative Solutions: Reflection

From the day we were given the brief to hand in, I really enjoyed the module. The process of working with a company added a new and interesting dynamic to the creation process, as well as also providing a great insight to what the industry here in Northern Ireland is like. Getting feedback and direction from our company was also incredibly valuable as i feel like I have learned a lot as a result. I am a little bit disappointed that we didn’t get the final outcome we were looking for in the end but its something that will be finished in my own time regardless. I was on the ball for most of the project until I spent a large chunk of time on a personal project (modeling a car) which set me back quite a bit, so time and project management is something I still have to work on. But i’m happy with the result for the time being. I worked with some really awesome people from whom I learnt a lot from which is great, and had a great time working on the project.


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